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19 december, 2022
The last episode of the podcast [In]Pertinente, with Paulo Gama, is about memory
14 december, 2022
The 2nd edition of the "UC Science Week" is taking place
22 november, 2022
"Why do we need sleep?": the podcast (IN)Pertinente with the participation of Paulo Gama, professor at DCV
10 november, 2022
Episode 33 of RTP2's Biosphere program featured Susana Gonçalves and Sheena Sahadevan
25 october, 2022
Do we really see in color? Paulo Gama, professor at the DCV, explains in the (In)pertinent
28 september, 2022
Sci-Tech Asia with new cycle of Anthropology webinars on Innovation, Automation and Digital Economy
27 september, 2022
Isabel Henriques, professor at DCV, participates in the edition of an ebook in the area of ​​Microbiology
26 september, 2022
(IN)relevant podcast provides 2nd part of the conversation with Paulo Gama, DCV teacher
22 august, 2022
"Why is biodiversity so important?" Paulo Gama, DCV professor, responds in the [IN] Pertinente program
28 july, 2022
The International Microorganism Day this year goes to the radio!
25 july, 2022
"Summer University" also takes place at DCV
05 july, 2022
New episode of the (In)Pertinente podcast with Paulo Gama, DCV teacher
29 june, 2022
Projeto de educação ambiental junto de alunos do ensino básico
24 june, 2022
A course was held at the DCV that addressed current issues of Freshwater Ecology
06 june, 2022
"Are animals capable of thinking?" in (In)pertinent, with Paulo Gama, professor at the DCV
06 june, 2022
Gonçalo Santos, DCV professor, interviewed after the launch of his book
20 may, 2022
Interview on Antena 3 celebrates World Bee Day
20 may, 2022
Ana Maria Silva, DCV teacher, at the European Night of Museums
28 april, 2022
"As vacinas e nós" é um projeto da FMUC em colaboração com o DCV
14 april, 2022
"O que é a vida?" é o novo episódio (53) de (IN)pertinente com Paulo Gama como convidado
13 april, 2022
Ana Marta Gonçalves, investigadora do DCV, em entrevista ao 90 Segundos de Ciência da Antena 1
31 march, 2022
Palestras e atividades organizadas pelo DCV no programa geral da LAB FCTUC NA TUA ESCOLA
14 march, 2022
Novo episódio (49) do podcast inPertinente com Paulo Gama, docente do DCV, sobre envelhecimento
24 february, 2022
"LAB FCTUC na tua escola" é um conjunto de atividades disponíveis
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