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04 January, 2024
DCV celebrates 30 years of the Anthropology course with book presentation
13 October, 2023
Several DCV professionals were honored on FCTUC's anniversary
18 September, 2023
Jorge Paiva in an interview with the daily "Público"
24 May, 2023
Helena Freitas, DCV teacher and CFE Coordinator, was the guest of the podcast Do Zero
27 March, 2023
Report by "Coimbra Coolectiva" highlights the work of "FLOWer Lab"
17 March, 2023
Paula Morais, professor at DCV, was the protagonist of the +Futuro podcast, where she spoke about bacteria
28 December, 2022
Project "Benchmarks" receives 12 million euros and has Luis Cunha, DCV researcher, in charge at UC
22 December, 2022
6 million to develop tools that promote the more sustainable use of ecosystems
21 December, 2022
Fabiana Soares defended her PhD thesis yesterday
15 December, 2022
International project coordinated by Helena Freitas, professor at DCV, obtains 5 million euros
12 December, 2022
Sílvia Castro and João Loureiro, DCV researchers, participated in the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity
28 November, 2022
Project SPRING is publicized on Antena 1 in an interview with Sílvia Castro
04 November, 2022
Ana Afonso defended her PhD thesis and becomes the latest DCV Doctor
04 October, 2022
CREATIONS interview Fernando Florêncio, professor at DCV
27 September, 2022
Isabel Henriques, professor at DCV, participates in the edition of an ebook in the area of ​​Microbiology
26 July, 2022
DCV Library is closed from 1st to 17th of August
07 June, 2022
DCV students participate in anthropological excavation at Largo da Sé Velha
27 April, 2022
Maria João Feio e Verónica Ferreira envolvidas no projeto "Um percurso pela água"
22 April, 2022
Datas de entrega de dissertações e projetos de tese
19 April, 2022
Reportagem na Algoteca do DCV feita pela revista Coimbra Coolectiva
06 April, 2022
Está a decorrer entre 4 e 8 a Semana da Antropologia
28 March, 2022
DCV inaugura Auditório com a presença do Magnífico Reitor
25 March, 2022
Livro de Gonçalo Santos, docente do DCV, foi recomendado pela Foreign Affairs
03 March, 2022
José Xavier, docente do DCV, participa em França num colóquio internacional sobre os Oceanos
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