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Rectory and DCV sign protocol on UCCCB

19 january, 2023≈ 2 min read

The Rectory of the UC and the DCV signed a protocol that establishes and regulates the terms of the installation and operation of the Collection of Bacterial Cultures of the University of Coimbra (UCCCB) in the Technological Platforms and Services of the University of Coimbra. These Platforms are interface infrastructures of the R&D system that are based on the knowledge and technology held by the UC to respond to the challenges and needs of world society. The UCCCB supports the scientific and technological development of institutions and companies, and provides them with a wide range of services in microbiology.

This Cooperation Protocol was signed by the UC Vice-Rector for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Professor Luís Simões da Silva, by the Director of the Department of Life Sciences, Professor Miguel Pardal, and by the UCCCB Coordinator, Professor Paula Morais.

Professor Paula Morais (Coordenator) and researchers Diogo Proença (Curator), Ana Paula Chung, Romeu Francisco, Rita Branco and Tiago Henriques make up the UCCCB Team.