Training Course "Acertar o Rumo" — Programming in Java


The Training Course “Acerar o Rumo – Programação em Java” develops technical skills in Java programming with an approach that encompasses basic theoretical training and a strong practical component in programming techniques.

The Course is a training program that includes:

— A teaching phase in a classroom context that takes place at the Department of Informatics Engineering (DEI) of the University of Coimbra;

— A paid internship in the context of work in one of the partner companies for students with an average of 14 points or more and who are accepted by the same or an unpaid internship to be carried out at DEI in other cases.

Our vision is to develop the full potential of our students, valuing the diversity of their backgrounds and leading their learning, growth and productivity to the area of ​​Information Technologies (IT).

Our mission is to qualify adults with higher education and precarious working conditions in IT, enhancing their sustainable employability. Our values ​​are Rigor in selection, Excellence in training and sustainable employability.

Since 2013, the course has successfully requalified and integrated professionals with different previous careers into the Information Technology job market. The trainees and the partner companies of the program recognize the rigor and quality of the teaching training, as well as the suitability of the internship projects. All those who completed the course found a good professional career; no case of failure is known.

In the Satisfaction Surveys carried out, all companies evaluate the performance of the trainees they received as Good (57%) or Very Good (43%). 86% of companies consider hiring their interns at the end of the internship phase.

The trainees evaluate the experience in Acertar o Rumo as Very Good (53%) or Good (47%), with 94% recommending this training to a family member or friend. Integration into teams and internship projects is evaluated by 88% of trainees as Very Good and 12% as Good, and the relevance of the projects for their professional development in Information Technology is considered Very Good (71%) or Good (29 %).

Study Programme

The academic phase is organized into three quarters, with several curricular units:

— Java programming;

— Operating Systems;

— Databases;

— Computer Networks and Internet Technologies.

The internship phase, complementary to the teaching phase, allows the consolidation of knowledge in a real work context.

Approval in previous curricular units is required for enrollment in subsequent curricular units.

Approval in all curricular units of the academic phase requires access to a 12-month internship in the second year of the course. Students with an average of 14 values or higher in the first year have access to a paid internship in a company unless the company does not accept them or there are not enough offers of internships by the participating companies. In this case, they can find an internship in another company to be approved by the course coordinator or attend the internship at the UC. Students with an average of less than 14 only have access to a paid internship if there are places available. They can always follow one of the last two alternatives: internship in a company raised by them, or internship at UC. The program’s partner companies or DEI integrate trainees into their teams for on-the-job training and training, in real projects, for 12 months. Academic and business supervisors are appointed for internships in companies, who monitor the evolution of the trainees and the implementation of the internship plans, as well as the presentations of the work.

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Informação de Candidaturas


1st phase —> 29/04/2024 a 20/05/2024
2nd phase —> 03/07/2024 a 15/07/2024


1st phase —> 40
2nd phase —> 10 + leftovers from the previous phase


Classes take place at the University of Coimbra. The academic phase will take place at the Department of Informatics Engineering (DEI). Given its practical component, the course requires the physical presence of the trainees, 4 to 5 days a week. As it is a course at the University of Coimbra, trainees as students of this institution have access to social services, namely residences and canteens (+ info: SASUC ↗).
The professional internship can take place in companies/institutions at national level or in DEI. The internship proposals presented indicate the respective locations so that the trainees can consider this information in the decision-making process. Preference is always given to students with the best averages in the academic phase of the program.

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Course Coordination

Vitor Manuel Garcia do Nascimento Graveto


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