Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program

Plan of Studies

The Doctoral Program in  Information Science and Technology consists of 3 years that may be extended up to a maximum of 5 years. In the first year the student must enroll in four courses plus the thesis proposal in order to complete a set of 60 ECTS:

  • 30 ECTS obtained after the completion of four courses.
  • 30 ECTS after writing a valid Thesis Project.

No student can enroll in Thesis without completing and successfully defending the Thesis Project.

The Thesis Project

The Thesis Project is a written essay that should include a detailed report on the state of the art and work related to the research theme, the description of the problem(s) intended to be solved, the possible techniques or methods used to solve that/those problem(s), an estimate of the expected results, a list of the papers that are targeted to be published and an activity plan. The thesis project will be evaluated in a public session by a Committee of three Professors.

Once the student obtains the 60 ECTS he/she should dedicate full time to research activities aiming at the writing of the final dissertation. This research work will be supervised by a department member and will be structured according to the framework of one of the CISUC research groups.

Final Dissertation
During the research period the PhD students will be totally integrated in the activities of one research group from CISUC. The final Thesis should be submitted within a maximum of 5 years time after the beginning of the course.

Available Courses in 2020/2021

Research Methods 111stCompulsoryCTI6.0Luís Paquete
Current Topics on Human Centered Computing11stElectiveOP9.0António Mendes
Current Topics on Software Services and the Internet11stElectiveOP9.0Marília Curado
Current Topics on Intelligent Systems11stElectiveOP9.0Jorge Henriques

Students choose one of the three optional courses of the first semester

Research Methods 212ndCompulsoryCTI6.0Licinio Roque
Research Seminar on Intelligent Systems and Human-Centric Computing12ndElectiveOP9.0Luís Paquetepaquete(at)dei.uc.pt
Research Seminar on Systems, Software, Security and Communications12ndElectiveOP9.0Henrique Madeirahenrique(at)dei.uc.pt

Students choose one of the two optional courses of the second semester

Thesis Project
1AnnualCompulsoryCTI30.0Henrique Madeira
Thesis2MultiannualCompulsoryIST120.0Henrique Madeira

Registrations in Thesis can only be done after the Thesis Project is completed