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Master in Design and Multimedia

The Master in Design and Multimedia is a solid interdisciplinary training which comprehends the knowledge, abilities and basic skills that allows the future masters to intervene in a creative and innovative fashion in the several domains of exploration of new digital media.

The course is orientated for the preparation of specialized professionals in the conception of products and services for the new media, combining training in design with portions of information technology. In this fashion, the new masters are prepared to work in multidisciplinary teams, where they will be able to translate the several languages involved and to effectively mobilize the information technologies, suiting them to the way we communicate, perceive, think or interact with the world around us. Particularly relevant for this course is the training in areas related to interaction design, interface design, web design and digital production.

The curricular structure of the Master in Design and Multimedia is organized to allow the accommodation of the heterogenic basic training of the different candidates. It was included a training module composed by several knowledge homogenization subjects, whose composition will depend from the basic training of the several candidates to the course. The referred set of propaedeutical subjects in Design and in Informatics is offered in the first and second semesters of the course, according with the profile of each student.

Also integrated in the organization of the cycle of studies, were the recommendations given by the Opinion Council, composed by representatives of national recruiters in the different areas of the professional profiles identified for the course, as well as specialists of renowned merit and also the Portuguese Center of Design which supported us in the definition of the organization of the cycle of studies.

In the methodological plan a pedagogic approach is privileged, centered on the skills, identifying in the different curricular units the generic and specific abilities relevant for the 2nd cycle in Design and Multimedia. The methodological options naturally articulate with the curricular decisions adjacent to the definition of the course organization, so that the equilibrium between instrumental, systemic and interpersonal skills is guaranteed. All three kinds of skills are reflected within each curricular unit, organized according to the objectives of the curricular unit.

Course Coordinator

Fernando Amílcar Cardoso



2 years

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