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The Master in Informatics Engineering of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra, adapted to the Bologna protocol, is grounded in more than 20 years of experience in Master and 5 year Degree courses in the field of Informatics. As a 2nd cycle course, it gets numerous contributions and carries on the tradition of the two courses that existed previous to the Bologna model.

  • Master in Computational Science, created in 1983 and later replaced by the Master in Informatics and Systems, that has ensured during the past 25 years the training for the Masters degree in the domain of Informatics in the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra
  • Degree in Informatics Engineering, that ensured since 1984 the training in Informatics Engineering in the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra

The Master in Informatics Engineering follows the latest curricular recommendations of the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) and of Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), adapting the particular characteristics of the national candidates to the mobility logics desired within the European Space of Higher Education and to the recommendations given by a panel of national recruiters, that supported us in this reframing. MEI is organized by the credit units system (ECTS), with an expected duration of 4 semesters. The conclusion of the course implies obtaining a minimum of 120 ECTS, which include the elaboration of a Thesis/Internship representing 42 ECTS. In the spirit of the Bologna declaration, the MEI student has a wide space to adapt his/her individual profile. The student may choose an academic route entirely personalized or choose one of three already designed groups, know has Theme Options (OT´s), which emphasizes the Master in Informatics Engineering in a determined scientific-technological area. There are three Theme Options, which largely coincide with the areas defined in the recommendations given by ACM/IEEE:

  • Networks and Communications Engineering
  • Systems and Computation
  • Information Systems and Software Engineering

It´s important to understand that the course is not organized in separate branches. The students may choose the optional subjects freely and therefore define an individual profile for his/her Master in Informatics Engineering. The identified groups of optional subjects are merely guided suggestions to help students with their choices. The tuition value is set annually and in accordance with the law. The tuition is set each year according to the law. You may check the tuition fees here .

Course Coordinator

Paulo de Carvalho

paulo carvalho

Requisites to Apply

May apply to the Master in Informatics Engineering:

  1. Degree holders or with a legal equivalent in: Informatics Engineering, Communications and Multimedia, Systems and Informatics Engineering, Communications and Telematics, Communications Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computers and Electronics Engineering, Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering;
  2. Degree holders or with a legal equivalent in other areas of Engineering and Exact and Natural Sciences;
  3. Holders of o foreign higher academic degree as being within the pre-requisites of a degree holder in one of the areas referred in the previous points and that is recognized by the Scientific Commission of the Department of Informatics Engineering.
  4. In duly justified cases, the holders of an academic record, scientific or professional, that is recognized by the Scientific Commission of the Department of Informatics Engineering as being fit to endure this study cycle.

The candidates referred in items number 2 and 3, the Scientific Commission will verify the adequacy of their formative background to the conjectures and necessities of the basic training of the Masters in Informatics Engineering. The candidates referred in item 4 will only be considered after the selection of the other candidates. Applications are usually open during the months of July and August and classes begin in early September. Candidates that want to apply to scholarships (e.g. Alban Program) and need an acceptance letter before the application period, should contact Ms. Isabel Lourenço (Isabel@dei.uc.pt) for further information.

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2 years

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