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Special Collections

The Mathematical Library's Special Collections
20 december, 2019

The Mathematical Library has some special collections in its holdings, obtained by purchase or donation, the most significant being those of former teachers of the Faculty of Mathematics or the Mathematics Section of the Faculty of Sciences. This page lists the bibliographic records of some of these collections, the oldest of which entered the Mathematical Library in the years following its foundation in 1913.

For the elaboration of the biographical elements included therein were used, among other sources, the Minutes of the congregations of the Faculty of Sciences, the Minutes of the Scientific Committee of the Department of Mathematics and the works Memoria Professorum Universitatis Conimbrigensis (coord.: Manuel Augusto Rodrigues; Vol. 2: 1772-1937, Coimbra: Arquivo da Universidade, 1992) and Registos do séc. XX: professores que dirigiram as Faculdades de Matemática, de Filosofia, de Ciências, e de Ciências e Tecnologia (coord.: Lélio Quaresma Lobo; Coimbra: FCTUC, 1999).

Mathematical Library, April 2013.

Bibliographic estate of Francisco Gomes Teixeira (1851-1933)   [15.7.2013]

Bibliographic estate of Luís da Costa e Almeida (1841-1919)   [18.4.2013]

Bibliographic estate of Henrique de Figueiredo (1861-1922)   [22.1.2015]

Library of Luciano Pereira da Silva (1864-1926)   [30.12.2014]

Collection of works of Pedro José da Cunha (1867-1945)   [12.2.2014]

Library of António Barbosa (1892-1946)   [19.4.2013]

Bibliographic estate of João Pereira Dias (1894-1960)   [18.4.2013]

Bibliographic estate of Armando Cortesão (1891-1977)   [28.6.2018]

Bibliographic estate of Manuel Marques Esparteiro (1893-1984)   [18.4.2013]

Bibliographic estate of José Vicente Gonçalves (1896-1985)   [18.4.2013]

Collection of separate printings of José Tiago de Oliveira (1928-1992)   [15.4.2015]

Mathematics collection of the now extinct Museu Nacional da Ciência e da Técnica   [21.7.2015]