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The Mathematics Department has the following exhibitions available:

Itinerant Exhibitions

The following exhibitions are available for loan

matemática em união

Mathematics in Union with...

69 panels A3, 65 panels A5 -

Exposição Demonstrações Visuais

Visuals proofs

- 18 panels A4 -

Exposição A Matemática nos Quadradinhos

Mathematics in Cartoons

- 50 panels A4 -

Exposição A Matemática dos Nós

The Mathematics of Knots

 - 25 panels A4, 1 panel A3, 5 ropes -

Exposição A Matemática na Poesia Portuguesa

Mathematics in Portuguese Poetry

- 47 panels A4 -

Exposição 'Terror and exile'

Terror and Exile 

- 63 panels -

Sun watching
Geographic Information Systems

The following exhibition is also available for loan (property of SPM):

Exposição Movimento Matemático 1937-1947

Mathematical Movement 1937-1947 

Permanent Exhibitions

Mathematics Gallery

The Mathematics Gallery of the Department of Mathematics is composed of four permanent exhibitions. 

Aula de desenho
Drawing class
Gabinete de geometria
Geometry Office
Information and Calculus Technologies
Relógio de sol
Sun clocks and books about sun clocks