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BSc in Mathematics

The BSc in Mathematics Program lasts three years and offers a solid and diversified training, ranging from the great classical subjects of Geometry, Algebra and Analysis, to the more recent areas of knowledge, including Statistics, Computational Mathematics , Optimization and Computer Science.
This BSc Program provides the background to access Master programs in Mathematics, such as MSc in Mathematics or MSc in Mathematics Teaching, but also prepares for entering the job market in positions of a general nature where the rigor and other abilities that characterize a mathematician are useful.

Skills to Acquire

  • Generalization and abstraction ability;
  • Ability to formulate and solve problems;
  • Knowledge of mathematical results;
  • Computational skills;
  • Competence in the use of computation tools;
  • Create and/or understand mathematical models in real situations;
  • Logical reasoning and critical thinking;
  • Individual work qualities and ability to work in teams;
  • Autonomy and initiative.


The BSc in Mathematics Program is organized in six semesters:

1st semester

  • Infinitesimal Analysis I (10 ECTS)
  • Geometry (6 ECTS)
  • Number Theory (6 ECTS)
  • Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry I (8 ECTS)

2nd semester

  • Infinitesimal Analysis II (7.5 ECTS)
  • Discrete Mathematics (7.5 ECTS)
  • Programming Methods I (7.5 ECTS)
  • Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry II (7.5 ECTS)

3rd semester

  • Infinitesimal Analysis III (7.5 ECTS)
  • Differential Equations and Modelling (7.5 ECTS)
  • Groups and Symmetries (7.5 ECTS)
  • Programming Methods II (7.5 ECTS)

4th semester

  • Infinitesimal Analysis IV (6 ECTS)
  • Fields and Algebraic Equations (6 ECTS)
  • Curves and Surfaces (6 ECTS)
  • Probability (6 ECTS)
  • Physics option* (6 ECTS)

* This optional course in the scientific area of Physics must be chosen from a list provided annually.

5th semester

  • Statistics (6 ECTS)
  • Numerical Mathematics I (6 ECTS)
  • External option** (6 ECTS)
  • Databases (option A, 6 ECTS)
  • Mathematical Logic (option A, 6 ECTS)
  • Topology and Linear Analysis (option A, 6 ECTS)

** This optional course is chosen by the student among all the courses offered by the University of Coimbra, excepting those that belong to the curriculum of the BSc in Mathematics, and is subject to the approval of the Program Coordinator.
Note: The student must choose two curricular units from those marked with Option A.

6th semester

  • Complex Analysis (6 ECTS)
  • Computational Statistics (3 ECTS)
  • Numerical Mathematics II (6 ECTS)
  • Mathematical Seminar (3 ECTS)
  • Celestial Mechanics (option B, 6 ECTS)
  • Linear Programming (option B, 6 ECTS)
  • Object-Oriented Programming (option B, 6 ECTS)

Note: The student must choose two curricular units from those marked with Option B.

Program Coordination

Júlio Neves