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Research grant for bachelor
Open: August 1st - 16th, 2018
Place: Coimbra
Keywords: Drones/GIS/BIM/Remote Sensing
Hackathon - “House of Apps”
Help create standalone re-usable software pieces and components for the CitizenScience community and win the travel and accommodation expenses for the OGRS Symposium - Lugano (Switzerland) 9- 11 October 2018! Deadline: 24th August
Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing for Land Use, Land Cover and Change Detection
Special issue on journal "Land" / DEADLINE EXTENSION for paper submission: September 30th
Geospatial Crowdsourced Data - Validation and Classification
Special Issue on journal "Data"- DEADLINE EXTENSION for paper submission: October 31st
"State of the Map 2018" - Videos of the presentations
Videos of the presentations made at the conference are available
New campaign of FotoQuest GO Europe (IIASA) is active until the 31st of August 2018