Center for Geosciences of the University of Coimbra (CGeo)


The Center for Geosciences of the University of Coimbra is a multidisciplinary R & D unit that integrates several Portuguese higher education institutions with the aim of identifying, characterizing, transforming and using mineral and energy resources, as well as contributing to the understanding and implementation of adaptive strategies.

The strategic guidelines of this R & D unit are: to reinforce the presence of the research carried out by the Center for Geosciences in Europe through the development of a research policy focused on the promotion of excellence, investing in quality education, intensifying links with society and the environment and promote a proactive, rational and responsible work of careful management of resources, based on criteria of economy, effectiveness and efficiency.

The Geosciences Center operates at three levels of implementation: contextualized regional projects (including the interaction between science and society), projects aimed at solving specific problems (strong link with industry) and projects focused on fundamental research (contributions rooted in both first).

Research groups

Coordination and contacts


Maria Helena Henriques

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