Centre for Mathematics of the University of Coimbra (CMUC)


The CMUC is a research unit in Mathematics, actively involved in research as well as in postgraduate education.It hosts more than seventy researchers and twenty PhD students, currently organized in six Research Groups embracing the main areas of pure and applied mathematics. It is associated with the Joint UC|UP PhD Programme in Mathematics. CMUC various collaborations with other departments allow students to learn about the applications of their research, contributing to their professional orientation after the PhD, possibly outside academia.

Besides the six research groups, CMUC has three transverse Thematic Lines of activities, on Computational Mathematics, Outreach and Popularization of Mathematics, and the History of Mathematics. The Laboratory for Computational Mathematics (LCM) of CMUC promotes research in computational mathematics and scientific computing, as techniques for the solution of challenging quantitative problems arising in Science, Engineering, Medicine, Finance, and Management. The activity of LCM includes interdisciplinary research, high performance computing and development of numerical software, collaboration with the industry, and support for graduate education. The Outreach Thematic Line coordinates the Delfos School, the Portuguese Mathematical Olympiad and other mathematical competitions, national and international, aimed at basic school, high school and undergraduate students, and regularly organizes events aimed at students, teachers and the society in general.

Research groups

The Centre's size and diversity encourage collaboration between people working in different fields, keeping in mind the fundamental unity of Mathematics. Research activities are carried out within the scope of the Center's six research groups and several projects promoted by them, some of them of an interdisciplinary nature, and with the collaboration of private companies, coordinated by the Lab for Computational Mathematics.

Each research group organizes a regular seminar, as well as several international events, and regularly hosts visiting researchers. CMUC regularly opens calls for doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships. The results of CMUC research are presented at international conferences and published in top quality international journals.

Coordination and contacts