Chemical Processes and Forest Products Engineering Research Centre (CIEPQPF)


The Chemical Processes and Forest Products Engineering Research Centre (CIEPQPF) was established in 1994 aiming at contributing to the advancement of Science and Technology in the realm of Chemical Engineering and its related domains. CIEPQPF favours multiscale unified avenues to Chemical Engineering problems, driven by the following goals:

(i) reinforcement of the know-how in the strategically defined critical areas taking advantage of the available common facilities and infrastructures, binding research group activities around common scientific objectives, and fostering the integration of interdisciplinary problem-solving approaches;
(ii) development of integrated methodologies for materials, products and chemical plant design/development, by bridging fundamental science and technology, assisted by advanced computer simulation methods, together with modern product engineering strategies that combine experimental developments with molecular simulation and data-driven methods;
(iii) reduction of chemical processes environmental impacts and development of "greener" ways of production, namely with regards to new materials obtained from renewable sources, new fuels, and pollutants treatment/recovery/reuse.

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Margarida Maria João de Quina