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Contract and Social Development

The research area Contract and Social Development aims to implement the strategic project of UCILeR "Social challenges, uncertainty and law", having as the centre of its activity the figure of the contract, of private law contracts, in the multiple areas of civil law, commercial law and labour law. The research area brings together scholars and brings together contributions from various fields of knowledge to jointly carry out an interdisciplinary analysis of problems and solutions, always in contact and in dialogue with that important "geography of law" which is comparative law: in the study of problems and solutions in force, in the reform of existing law and in joint action plans, "maxime" at a European level. To this end, we will seek to deepen international contacts and connections and to programme joint events, paying special attention to the exchange of experiences and knowledge with Brazil.

The research area intends that the results of its activity will be translated into articles, collective works, monographs and dissertations. In order to broaden the transmission of research results, in addition to the dissemination through the above mentioned works, the research area proposes to organize workshops, colloquia, conferences and congresses. It is also intended that the research it carries out will be articulated with the PhD courses at the Faculty.

The ultimate goal of the research area is the sustained formulation of proposals for the evolution and updating of our legal system, based on the results of the research activity carried out in the vast territory of civil, commercial and labour contract law.

Coordination: João Leal Amado, Filipe Cassiano Santos and Paulo Mota Pinto

Research Axes

  • The technological development of contemporary society and the new challenges to contract law.
  • The contract, private autonomy and the functioning of the market.
  • Economic analysis of the rules of contract law.
  • Contractual and alternative means of settling disputes.
  • Technological development, contracts and competition.
  • Consumer protection against unfair contractual terms and the problem of over-indebtedness.
  • The insufficiency of measures to protect the creditor against the debtor's default.
  • The business crisis and its legal-labour consequences.
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