PriAltEur launches a guide to best practice

20 march, 2023≈ 2 min read

The PriAltEur Project - Promoting non-discriminatory alternatives to imprisonment across Europe – lauched the Good Practice Guide for Linking Social Reintegration Services and Community Mental Health Teams on March 15. The external evaluation of the pilot project was also presented.

The Good Practice Guide, presented during the webinar "Non-custodial sentences and measures - best practices of social reintegration and community mental health teams", is the result of the PriAltEur pilot project. This guide aims to capture the methodology used by social reintegration and community mental health teams in Dão-Lafões and enable its dissemination in other regions of the country when community mental health teams are created. The guide can be viewed here.

PriAltEur, funded by the European Commission, is a research project that aims at understanding and promoting the use of alternative sentences to imprisonment within the European Union, with a special focus on the most vulnerable people and on the impact of the pandemic on the application and execution of these sentences.. The project is coordinated by Penal Reform International, with UCILeR and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee as partners.