Undecidabilities and Law – The Coimbra Journal for Legal Studies

The Coimbra Journal for Legal Studies

Undecidabilities and Law – The Coimbra Journal for Legal Studies (ULCJ) is a Scientific Law Journal of the University of Coimbra Institute for Legal Research (UCILeR), edited by Coimbra University Press (IUC)

In a time highlighted by the quest for the Master Algorithm, several major juridically relevant societal problems resist significantly the predetermination of a unique solution and open a huge spectrum of perspectives and operatories. The title Undecidabilities suggests directly this resistance (as we know, in computation complexity theory, an undecidable problem is the one for which «it is proved to be impossible to construct an algorithm to a correct yes-or-no answer»!), whilst simultaneously considering the permanent renovation of the questions and the plurality of answers which those problems allow, which means considering the instability of cultural and linguistic contexts (justifying a permanent attention to differences, if not différances, as well as to authentic «clauses of nonclausure»).

Each volume of our Journal will be dedicated to one of these societal problems and this context of resistance to unique languages and solutions, seriously taken in a reflective horizon that crosses dogmatic and meta-dogmatic legal discourses with the challenges of extra-legal perspectives and approaches.

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