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Elections and democracy

6 october

Seminar # 14 | «Unfinished Conversations» | CES Event

Elections and democracy
Carla Luís (CES)

October 6, 2020, 4:00 pm (GMT +01: 00)

Event in digital format

Comments by Alexandre de Sousa Carvalho (FEUC / CES, Elísio Estanque (FEUC / CES) and Cristiano Gianolla (CES)

Fourteenth session of the seminar cycle «Conversations Unfinished». Democracy has become the norm worldwide and elections are a central element. However, we have recently seen new threats to democratic systems, even in so-called consolidated democracies. Elections and their results are often at the heart of these dynamics. In this presentation we propose a revisit of the central elements related to an election. The objective is to analyze which are the most problematic points, observing how they can be crossed with populist dynamics. As a conclusion, we propose to underline the growing importance of careful analysis, demonstrating how a potential violation of its integrity can lead to problematic results, posing a risk to Democracy itself.

The seminars of “Conversations without definition”, open access, focus on the pandemic, its implications in the multiple dimensions that concern the CES community, among other topics that are worth debating today.

This activity is carried out through the Zoom platform and is limited to the number of places available: