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City Guide



Coimbra, the city of knowledge, is better known for its University and that has just been classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. You can reach Coimbra by car, train or bus (see more detailed information here).

In terms of historic significance and romantic beauty, Coimbra is second only to Lisbon and Oporto. Its ancient buildings cling to the side of the hill that rises above the curves of the river Mondego, the ornate buildings of the famous University of Coimbra are its crowning glory.

Coimbra is much more than just its . You will find:

Beautiful gardens

Amazing architecture

Beautiful gardensAmazing architecture 

Magnificent landscapes

Magnificent landscapes

Magnificent landscapesMagnificent landscapes 

Good food

Good food

Good foodGood food 

 And if you want to stay a little longer, you can visit:





Figueira da Foz

FátimaFigueira da Foz 



So, what are you waiting for to visit Coimbra!

Funtastic Coimbra tour

A panoramic tour of Coimbra’s most beautiful attractions – beauty spots and historic sights – on an open-top double-decker bus. A 1-hour sightseeing tour of Coimbra in the company of an audio guide full of interesting information about the city and its history and traditions. More information here.