Computer Centre


STUDENTS - E-mail account


The e-mail account and Login are given at the time of application (Eg: ucstudentnumber@student.uc.pt ).

Keep the account always active, it will allow you to access services such as:
E-mail   ◊ Wireless   ◊ Applications (exams, ...)   ...

Management of e-mail account/Available services:
   ◊ Change password   ◊ Create an alternative address   ◊ SPAM control
Forward e-mails   ◊ Notification of absence   ◊ ... Consult: Options of management

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STUDENTS - Configuration to wireless; Recover password; New password


CONFIGURATION of Access to Wireless (How to configure?)
RECOVER password
- PROBLEM with password and need a new password* to e-mail gives access to wireless,  ...

*present your student identification (student card)
For security, we don't give passwords by e-mail, telephone or to other people.

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Attendance timetable from Monday to Friday:   

            09:00 - 12:00h    |  14:00 - 17:00h

NOTE: Provided computer technicians are not asked to helpdesk out of the office.

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HelpDesk of the Computer Centre


The request of problem resolution of the computing park of the FEUC should always be made at
helpdesk [at] fe.uc.pt
If the problem is related to your e-mail or to the net the contact may be made by telephone   [Ext: 500215] or in person
  More information
: Helpdesk

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