Computer Centre


The Computer Centre (CIFEUC), located in the teaching and research blocks, guarantees the management and maintence of the systems, of the network and of the existing computer equipment in the FEUC.

The computer facilities are based on a column of optical fibre that vertically goes through the Research Block, with repetitioners and radial topology. This structure is laid out by optical fibre connections up to the teaching block and the services building (Casa dos Limas).

More than 300 fixed points of access are distributed among the teachers offices, the computer classrooms, the different users rooms and services. The whole building of classes (bar and auditorium included), part of the garden, all the public spaces of the library and part of the research building are covered by wireless network, related to the programme e-U.

The connection to the world is guaranteed by a connection to the Computer Centre of the University of Coimbra (CIUC) supported by optical fibre (1Gbps). This connection allows the access to internet and to e-mail and also allows the sharing of existing resources in terms of the network of the University of Coimbra.

With the support of the FCCN we create in the Keynes Room a video conference system which efficiently allows meetings and teaching sessions from distance between multiple locations (up to 12). This service is available and functions with previous booking.

Advanced mechanisms of publications and contents of FEUC, both didactic and administrative, are available on the Internet through WebOnCampus and Moodle project.

A service of creation and management of online questionnaires is available since the beginning of 2009 for the whole FEUC community.