School of Advanced Studies


School of Advanced Studies

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The postgraduate studies are now a fundamental part of the University mission. When creating the School of Advanced Studies, the Faculty of Economics aimed at consolidating and developing the graduate activities in an innovative perspective, widely open to society.

This School is the organizational space where FEUC plans and organizes a wide range of PhD programmes, Masters and Postgraduate courses and is also the front office for students enrolled in Postgraduate studies.


Call for Applications 2020-2021 from February 10*

3rd cycle studies

Doctoral Programme in Cities and Urban Cultures

Doctoral Programme in Democracy in the 21st Century *

Doctoral Programme in Discourses: Culture, History and Society *

Doctoral Programme in Economics *

Doctoral Programme in Management - Decision Aiding Science *

Doctoral Programme in Business Management *

Doctoral Programme in Governance, Knowledge and Innovation *

Doctoral Programme in International Politics and Conflict Resolution

Doctoral Programme in Postcolonialisms and Global Citizenship

Doctoral Programme in Labour Relations, Social Inequalities and Trade Unionism *

Doctoral Programme in Sustainable Energy Systems *

Doctoral Programme in Sociology *

2nd cycle studies

Masters in Sociology *

Masters in International Relations - Peace, Security and Development Studies *

Masters in Management *

Masters in Economics *

Masters in Accounting and Finance *

Masters in Management and Health Economics *

Masters in Marketing *

Masters in Social Intervention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Masters in Energy for Sustainability *

Masters in Quantitative Methods in Finance *

Masters in Social Dynamics, Natural and Technological Risks *

Non Degree Courses

China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries in World Trade: Commerce, Tourism, Cooperation and Development *

Marketing MBA *

Postgraduate Studies in Economics - Advanced Studies Diploma *

Postgraduate studies in Economics and Management in Health Organizations *

Postgraduation in Social Economy – Cooperativism, Mutualism and Solidarity *

Executive MBA *

Training Course in People Management in Organizations (e-learning)

Training Course in Microsoft Excel supporting decision making (e-learning)

Training Course in Qualitative Methodology in Scientific Research (e-learning)

Training Course: 2D2E_FEUC - Discover Discuss Teach Economics - Portugal in numbers and figures

Training Course: 2D2E_FEUC - Discover Discuss Teach Economics - Europe in numbers and figures