Advanced Course: China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries in World Trade: Commerce, Tourism, Cooperation and Development


Tuition Fees



10 installments (the first installment is payable upon course registration)分10期付清(第一期在注册时交付)10 mensalidades (a 1ª mensalidade é paga no ato da inscrição)

Fees and Other Charges


Taxas e Emolumentos

1. Application Submission: 50€
There is no reimbursement of this fee, even in cases of invalid applications, non-admission or cancellation of the degree program due to insufficient number of enrollments.



1. Taxa de candidatura: 50€

Não há devolução de taxa de candidatura, mesmo em caso de candidatura inválida, de não-admissão ou de cancelamento do curso devido a número insuficiente de candidaturas.

2. Enrollment Fee: 20€2. 注册费:20欧元2. Taxa de inscrição: 20€
3. Diploma (paper version with English translation): 25€3. 文凭证书(信版纸和附带英文版的抄本):25欧元3. Diploma (versão em papel com tradução em inglês): 25€
4. Certificate itemizing the courses completed (paper version with English translation): 15€4. 分项地出的成绩清单:15欧元4. Histórico escolar de aprovação (versão em papel com tradução em inglês): 15€

Cost of Individual Courses

1. Political Systems of China, the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries and the European Union: 400€
2. China-Lusophone Commercial Relations, Investment and Tourism: 400€
3. Emerging Economies and South-South Cooperation: 400€
4. Cross-Cultural Business Management in China and the Lusophone Countries: 400€
5. Portuguese for Business (for Chinese students): 800€
6. Chinese for Business (for non-Chinese students): 800€