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Roundtable Discussions 2017 - The European Neighbourhood Policy: Challenges and Opportunities

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The European Neighbourhood Policy: Challenges and Opportunities

21 April 2017 | 9,30h | Sala dos Conselhos | FEUC

This roundtable discussion focused on the European Union's (EU) Neighborhood Policy and the many challenges associated to it, whether in bilateral relations or in multilateral contexts. This exercise aimed at mapping the contexts and relations as well as at reflecting on policy recommendations about how to meet challenges and maximize opportunities. The war in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea were central factors in the analysis of the ENP and the wider European security framework, constituting an important element for the discussion. In addition to looking at the policy dimension, discussing practices is central. In this way, a dense reflection on action / inaction / reaction on foreign policy, security and energy was sought in the framework of relations between the EU and the countries in its neighborhood, with a particular focus on the neighbors to the east. The objective was to discuss the current context, understanding the dynamics that inform it, and to reflect on possible ways and recommendations for the future. This initiative was supported by the research team of the GEO4GER project, an FCT-funded project (FCT-PTDC / IVC-CPO / 1295/2014, coordinated by Dr. Carla Fernandes), which focused on energy issues in an enlarged Europe in a prospective logic.

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