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Roundtable Discussions 2019 - EU, European security and a changing international order

FEUC 2019Co-funded Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
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EU, European security and a changing international order

30 January 2019 | Sala dos Conselhos | FEUC

This roundtable discussion on the European Union (EU), European security and the changing international order reflected on the current challenges facing the EU, both internally and externally. Internally, it was given particular emphasis to Brexit and to the changes in the nature of the political regimes in several Member States with implications for their own commitment to the European project. Externally, the focus was on the EU’s affirmation as an international actor. The building of European security has gone hand in hand with unique developments in the international system, whose design of a multipolar order has allowed fundamental changes still underway. The EU and the Atlantic Alliance enlargements and the relationship with Russia are very relevant in this context, with different interpretations about what security means in Europe. Relations with different actors, such as the United States, China, Brazil, and states in the Middle East, to name a few, suggest both opportunities and difficulties for the EU. Trends in militarization, along with issues of sovereignty and international law, add to the agenda. Starting from an EU perspective, these are some of the themes that this roundtable explored, identifying possible avenues to counter fracture and exclusion trends. 

Cartaz Jean Monnet roundtable 30 jan 2019

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