Within the scope of the activity of the Instituto de Altos Estudos of the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon, the new cycle of conferences "Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

conference cycle

"Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development"

May 2nd to June 1st, 6pm, in Zoom format.

Coordination: Maria Manuela Tavares Ribeiro

Themes and Calendar:

may 2nd

Diversity and Dialogue: a beautiful illusion?

Cristina Robalo Cordeiro

May 3

Language policies and sustainable management of diversity

Manuel Célio Conceição

May 9

Risk, belongings and citizenship

Jose Manuel Mendes

May 10th

The social economy in historical perspective, a virtuous idea

Álvaro Garrido

May 16th

work in diversity

Maria Rita Ferro

may 17

Poly/non-centrism and unity in the construction of an integrative intersystem of Portuguese-speaking communities. Anthropology and politics

Elias Jose Torres Feijo

May 23

Can we go back to talking about “reciprocal images”? Brazilian Portuguese students without a common academic environment – ​​mutual cultural representations

Maria da Conceicao Meireles Pereira

May 24th

Read: art or science? that's not the issue

Maria de Jesus Cabral

May 30th

Vulnerability, hospitality and care in culturally diverse contexts

João André

may 31st

Humanities for sustainability

Maria Fernanda Rollo

June 1

Closing session of the year with tribute to Prof. Adriano Moreira*

* Ending the 2021-2022 academic year of the Instituto de Altos Estudos with this cycle, the closing will take place on June 1 with a tribute session to Professor Adriano Moreira who, at his request, ended his term as President of the Institute of Higher Studies of the ACL.