From gender studies to the study of gender in higher education in Portugal: balance sheets, challenges and good practices

February 3, 2023, 9:30 am

Room 1, CES | High


The main objective of this seminar is to discuss the place of Women, Gender and Feminist Studies (EMGF) in the various disciplinary fields of higher education in Portugal. Organized within the scope of the ENGENDER Project – Integration of Gender Studies into curricula and teaching practices in public university education in Portugal –, this meeting will constitute a moment of sharing and reflection on experiences, perspectives and opportunities that arise for gender teaching in institutions of the higher education in our country, read in the light of international experience.

The presentation of the preliminary results of the Project by the ENGENDER team will constitute the motto for the broader discussion on policies and practices, individual and institutional, of integrating EMGF into curricula and pedagogical practices. The discussion will take place in two panels - a round table and a forum - and will involve the participation of EMGF professors/researchers involved in the creation of postgraduate courses in this field of study (Anália Torres, CIEG and Adriana Bebiano, FLUC), professors /researchers from different scientific areas with experience in integrating the gender perspective into pedagogical and research practice (Ana Maria Brandão, CICS.UMinho, Marisa Matias, FPCEUP and Teresa Almeida Santos, FMUC).

The seminar will also feature the participation of two international speakers, specialists in gender and higher education: Rachel Palmén (IN3 – UOC, Barcelona) and Mai Skovgaard (INASP, Oxford).