With a date set for April 1, 2023, TEDxUniversidadedeCoimbra consists of a sequence of short lectures and performances in various areas, all of them framed in a broader and broader theme. This year, with the theme “Fragments”. The main objective of TEDxUniversidadedeCoimbra concerns the dissemination of disruptive ideas, “capable of changing the world”, as well as their discussion by the stakeholders, through their exposition by speakers and pre-recorded videos, commonly known as TED Talks.

The stage of TEDxUniversity of Coimbra will be at FEUC - Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra and is characterized by being a stage for ideas present in our community and that deserve to be shared (ideas worth spreading), in which each speaker symbolizes a fragment that inspires others , leading participants to transcend barriers and setbacks.