Workshop on Digital Technologies and Narrative Construction | 6 hours | July 20th and 21st

This workshop is taught in Portuguese (July 20th) and English (July 21st) and is focused on the processes and implications of threats to digital security, based on a critical analysis of the use of technologies and narrative construction. Structured around four main questions - why? as? what? and what implications? - explores the technology-policy nexus, looking at various ways of manipulating information and building narratives to better understand their impact on national and international politics. This workshop aims, therefore, to highlight the centrality of discursive contexts and technological possibilities in the construction of knowledge practices, in an interdisciplinary perspective, bringing computational analysis, linguistics and international relations to the dialogue. This is an innovative approach, much needed to overcome narrow and static readings in an area of ​​inquiry as fundamental to our lives as it is to international politics.



The Jean Monnet Center of Excellence is one of the Jean Monnet Programs created and financed by the European Commission to promote the enhancement of higher education and high-level scientific research on European integration anywhere in the world. Among the Jean Monnet Programs, this is the most competitive, being awarded by public tender worldwide. From this degree of demand, it follows that the Center of Excellence is awarded to Universities and researchers of proven merit in matters of European integration and that in their application they demonstrate the capacity and conditions, namely in terms of human and scientific means, to deserve this distinction and recognition . In its attribution, the multidisciplinary nature of the Center is privileged.

The Center of Excellence of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra is based on the European Union's relations with its neighbors to the East under the acronym PRONE - Peace Relations, Ontologies and Narratives in Europe: EU and its Eastern Neighbors. It is coordinated by Professor Maria Raquel Freire, Full Professor at FEUC and holder of a Jean Monnet Chair and has a team of 11 teachers, from the Faculties of Economics, Letters, and Science and Technology. It provides for the organization of a wide range of initiatives on three main axes: teaching and research; political recommendations; and connection to the community. The extension of the activities and dynamism of the Center intend to leave the quality mark of the University of Coimbra in its initiatives at local, national and international level.