Bright Future

11 april, 2023≈ 2 min read

The VI edition of the Bright Future event takes place between the 17th and 20th of April and is enlivened by a vast program of conferences, workshops and debates.

It is a special event, promoted by students, which has contributed a lot to reinforce the synergies between the various areas of knowledge at FEUC.

In 2023 it is of particular interest, firstly because it is an integral part of FEUC's 50th anniversary celebrations and because it highlights the great commitment of the 4 student groups to envision the future in a creative and daring way. In this edition of Bright Future, it is also worth mentioning the fact that it involves, in addition to the nuclei, the other student organizations of FEUC, thus illustrating the associative dynamism that it cultivates there.

In line with previous editions, the sixth edition of Bright Future contributes to stimulating extracurricular development, with a view to opening horizons related to entering the job market.