CeBER Working Paper No. 2023-05 | Fertility choices, Demographics and Automation

25 july, 2023≈ 2 min read

Encontra-se publicado um novo working paper do Centre for Business and Economics Research (CeBER), “Fertility choices, Demographics and Automation” dos autores Derick Almeida e Tiago Sequeira.

Abstract: In this paper we study a theoretical link between the effects of increased automation on labor markets, and the fertility decisions of a representative household that is replaced by robots in the production of tasks. We develop a framework in which children provide utility and impose an opportunity cost to the household due to lost labor income. We show that fertility rate changes are the result of an optimal response to wage variations after the economy is hit by a shock that increases the design quality of robots used in production. Using this model, we characterize an initial equilibrium and simulate the effect of a 10% increase in robot productivity on important endogenous variables, including wages, and find that, in the absence of fixed costs to raising children, the fertility rate increases by approximately 3.4%.

Keywords: Automation, Robots, Tasks, Fertility.