Dutch startup with exclusive software joins FEUC Partner Network

17 march, 2024≈ 2 min read

The School of Economics has established a protocol with AEXI - Advanced Export Intelligence (https://aexi.nl/ ), a Dutch start-up that uses big data to produce data on international trade, which is now part of the FEUC Partner Network. The company has original software that combines data from numerous official sources to produce information on each of the thousands of products that are imported and exported and to predict new trade opportunities, taking into account concepts from the International Trade Theory. The basic model applied to the Portuguese economy was published in Issue 52 of the journal Notas Económicas.

Under the protocol, the company cedes the exclusive use of the software in Portugal to FEUC for teaching and research purposes, making it available exclusively to FEUC students and researchers who wish to use it for those purposes. The Protocol also opens up the possibility of integrating curricular internships within the scope of the master's degree in Economics and cooperation to apply for external funding in partnership in order to be able to continue the development of the software to other realities of international economic relations.