RES4City - Renewable Energy System for cities, Patrícia Pereira da Silva

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25 march, 2023≈ 2 min read

RES4City - Renewable Energies System for cities / European Commission, companies, notably the participation of the United Nations, via UNITAR; Researcher: Patrícia Pereira da Silva; Dates: October 2022 -….; abstract available at

Presentation: April 27, 2023

A carbon neutral European Union by 2050 is the challenge that the RES4City project intends to respond to. To ensure that people keep up with the progress of technical research, this project foresees the creation of an educational program for the requalification of the workforce, in order to integrate the most sustainable practices today. Among the ways to achieve this goal is the creation of training and learning programs, developed and tested in coordination with public administration bodies, companies, NGOs and citizens.