Economic Development thinking the Environment

9-10 May, 2019


"If “Coimbra is a lesson”, as the popular fado song says, Coimbra is firstly a lesson of Portuguese History.Here is the grave of Kings Afonso Henriques and Sancho I, the first Portuguese Kings and, all over the city, you will discover landmarks left by those who built the nation, whether they are the outbuildings of the University, created by King D. Dinis, or the monuments you should mandatorily visit, of which the contributions of King John III, the Marquis of Pombal and King Manuel stand out. From the magnificent scale of the Joanine Library to the symbolism of the Santa Cruz convent, the old capital of the Kingdom is full of heritage from the past.It is, without a doubt, a lesson on tradition. There is no other Portuguese city like Coimbra in what comes to academic tradition which is present in the students’ everyday life." in Tourism Office 

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