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The Institution

Since late XVI century until today, the University of Coimbra has accompanied the international developments surrounding the training of pharmacists and apothecaries. The practical dimension and later the synergy between the practical dimension and the theoretical dimension remained a constant reality in the training of pharmacists and apothecaries. This constant awareness allows the University to adjust its training abilities to the current needs of the Healthcare professional.

Equipped with state of the art facilities at the newly built Healthcare Sciences Campus located by the University of Coimbra Hospital, the Faculty of Pharmacy has inherited a peculiar historical context and is immersed in a privileged environment within the Healthcare Sciences.  

The increasing demand for pharmacists and other competent professionals in the Healthcare Sciences, in a global perspective, has reflected itself in the broadening variety of courses offered by the FFUC.

The Faculty of Pharmacy currently employs 90 people among professors, admin staff, lab specialists and has around 1500 students enrolled in the various courses available.