New: Applications at the University of Coimbra for 2018-2019 are open:

Note: for academic yer 2018/2019 only Coimbra and Salento universities with vacancies.

  •  1st Phase: 1st March to 30st May 2018 
  •  2nd Phase: 1 June to  13 July 2018 
  •  3rd Phase: 24 August to 5 September 2018 

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Portuguese candidates see page at http://www.uc.pt/fluc/euromachs/

Do you have a degree in History, Heritage or similar?
Want to further your professional profile in a challenging and meaningful way?

Take the innovative European Masters degree in "European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society" .

This new masters programme brings together knowledge of European Cultural Heritage with current developments in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Digital Media and their commercial implications in order to produce a new type of professionals capable of meeting the needs for new content in the Information Society.

"European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society: a European Masters Programme" is the result of the partnership of the Universities of Coimbra (Portugal), Graz (Austria), Salento (Italy) and Turku (Finland). Each partner has extensive experience in creating innovative links between the Humanities and Digital Media namely on the areas of Multimedia production, digital libraries, e-learning, Historical Information Science and Historical-Geographical Information Systems.

Euromachs master programme was selected by the European Commission as best practice in Creativity and Innovation.

For general information contact Joaquim Carvalho (joaquim@uc.pt)