This programme provides a second cycle degree in European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society. The programme's rationale is at the crossroads of several major European concerns:

  • the creation of the European Higher Education Area by bringing together diverse and high quality academic traditions and experiences.
  • a focus on heritage and the rich European history and cultural diversity by providing an environment where new ways of harvesting and disseminating such information will be discovered.
  • a strong emphasis on the new information society, although not one that is enclosed in technological aspects, but rather in the necessary bridges that must be created towards existing content and traditions
  • an original way to bring together the humanistic tradition and the ITC area.
  • the  improvement of the professional value of Humanities’ graduates through  the combination of interdisciplinary knowledge and high level generic competences.
  • a strong emphasis on the essential area of content production, one of the key factors in the success of the information and knowledge society defined in the Lisbon strategy.