University of Coimbra – Portugal (coordinator)
The University of Coimbra has invested significantly in the use of multimedia technologies for the dissemination of historical knowledge, usually in partnership with external media companies. Major projects include: CD-ROMs, computer games and internet sites. Both the history department and the computer science department will be collaborating closely in this programme. The University of Coimbra will bring to the programme experience in multimedia production and links with the industry, teaching of multimedia project management and provision of computer skills to humanities students.

Contact person: Joaquim Ramos de Carvalho (euromachs@fl.uc.pt)

University of Graz - Austria
University of Graz has  expertise in research and teaching in the fields of virtual forms of documentation and editing as well as formal analysis in the field of historical information and documentation science (Department of History), information modelling, asset and content management in cultural sciences (Centre for Information Modelling in the Humanities) and interactive forms of competence development, competence representation and knowledge transfer in the fields of teaching and culture (Academy for New Media and Knowledge Transfer). 

Contact person: Heidrun Boshof M.A.  (euromachs@uni-graz.at)


University of Salento– Italy
The University of Salento is integrating heritage information in the general infoscape available to the general public, and in that way it is cooperating with regional and municipal administration in providing GIS historical information. The fields of expertise that the University brings to the programme are historical- geographical systems and derived products, geographical databases and mapping of historical data for administrative and planning purposes.

Contact person: Franco Tommasi  (franco.tommasi@unisalento.it) http://euromachs.unisalento.it/en

University of Turku – Finland
The broad scope of both teaching and research are characteristic of the department of history of the University of Turku.. Each of the three subjects studied in the department  - cultural history, Finnish history and general history - focus on a particular aspect of history, although all areas of historical study are covered - political, economic, social, military and cultural history, as well as the theory and philosophy of history. The department has a major investment in the area o e-learning through the eHLEE project. Turku University will bring to the programme expertise on cultures of history, material and intellectual heritage, including landscapes and representation of heritage, digital culture and digital representations of history, e-learning and life-long learning.

Contact person: Kimi Kärki (euromachs@utu.fi)