Explore the links below for more information on inequalities in health and evaluation of population health.

European projects

Inequalities in health, health equity, policies and health impact assessment:

EURO-HEALTHY - Shaping European policies to promote health equity
Health Equity 2020 - Reducing Health Inequalities (2012-2015)
SOPHIE - Evaluating the Impact of Structural Policies on Health Inequalities (2011-2015)
DRIVERS for Health Equity (2007-2013)
INEQ-CITIES - Socio-economic inequalities in mortality: evidence and policies in cities of Europe (2009-2012)
DEMETRIQ - Developing methodologies to reduce inequities in the determinants of health
GRADIENT (2009-2012)

Evaluation tools

Health and quality of life indices, rankings and other relevant population health measurement tools:

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
America Health Rankings
Canadian Index of Wellbeing
BES Index - Benessere, Equo, Sostenible
URBAN HEART: Urban Health Equity Assessment and Response Tool, WHO
WHO Urban Health Index
Livability Index - Great Neighborhoods for All Ages
OECD Better Life Index
OECD Regional Well-Being

International/national portals and organizations

WHO European Healthy Cities Network
Rede Portuguesa de Cidades Saudáveis - Portugal
Build Healthy Places Network
HEALTHY PLACES - Healthy Spaces & Places
WHO - Social Determinants of Health
Health Knowledge - Online Learning Resource
Public Health Agency of Canada - Population Health Approach
Plano Nacional de Saúde - Portugal

Other relevant documents

Population health evaluation and measurement
  • NPR/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Harvard School (2015), What Shapes Health, NPR/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Health inequalities, health determinants and policies
Health Outcomes
Multicriteria modelling
  • Bana e Costa, C.A., De Corte, J.M., Vansnick, J.C. (2012). MACBETH, International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making, 11(02): 359-87.
  • Bana e Costa, C.A., De Corte, J.M., Vansnick, J.C. (2005). On the mathematical foundations of MACBETH. In: Figueira, J., Greco, S., Ehrgott, M., eds., Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis: The State of the Art Surveys. New York: Springer, 2005.