The main objective of the GeoHealthS Project is the assessment of the health of the Portuguese population over the last 20 years through the construction, application, and availability of a Population Health Index on the municipal level.This index will (1) serve as a multi-dimensional, comprehensive, and consistent measure of the population’s health profile and the factors which influence health and (2) aid in supporting the decision making process at the local level.

 Specific objectives

  • To identify the health determinants and the health outcomes, in the last 20 years;
  • To analyse the geographic and time variations of the health outcomes and contextual determinants as well as their evolution over the last 20 years;
  • To create an Index which is able to characterize and monitor the population’s health, both in a global way and in different areas of concern (e.g. economics, social equity, the environment, health care, mortality and morbidity), in time (covering a period of 20 years) and space (focusing on the municipal level);
  • To create the public access WebSIG platform (a technological platform based on geographical information systems), with interactive maps available whose features allow users to view and compare the space-time distribution of matters relating to the health of the Portuguese population;
  • To provide a decision-making tool for those at the local level, namely in terms of defining priority areas for the promotion of health within the population.