Anatomical Pathology Museum

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Lina Carvalho / Teresa Isabel Ferreira / Maria João d ´Aguiar

The Anatomical Pathology Museum of the Faculty of Medicine - University of Coimbra started in 19th century and saw the huge gathering of samples after 28 of May 1956 when Professor Renato Trincão (1920 – 1996), Pathologist, became Director of the Institute of Anatomical Pathology (till 1990), installed at the building of the Faculty of Medicine, during the period of a corporative political system (António Salazar).

The Museum runs an area of 500 square meters occupied by XIII expositors, keeping around 1000 cases formalin fixed, air dried, wax models, books and photographs.

Visits may be and are constantly required by Secondary School Teachers of Biology; Faculties of Sciences and Artists also ask for sightseeing (and informed public visitors).

Scheduling visits after contact with:

Lina Carvalho – linarcarvalho@fmed.uc.pt

Teresa Isabel Ferreira –