Post-Graduate Molecular Pathology Program

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Portaria 201/2012 de 4 de Julho – Patologia Molecular – Estágio de 2 Meses para Internos de Anatomia Patológica (1º/2º Ciclo) & Áreas Científicas Afins

The Institute of Anatomical and Molecular Pathology of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra offers Molecular Pathology Service to the Medical and Scientific Community depending on the recommendation and quality control of the European Society of Pathology.


  • Molecular Pathology Techniques
  • Visit to the Labs and to the Museum of Anatomical Pathology
  • Cell Cycle

– cyclins, cyclin-dependent Kinases / suppressor genes and diseases

– growth factors / diseases – diagnosis methods

– proto – oncogenes and oncogenes / diseases – diagnosis methods

  • Cell Cycle and mitochondrial genes – diseases – diagnosis methods
  • Degenerative / Inflammatory Diseases and Molecular Pathology
  • Diagnosis – Personalized Therapy – Prognosis Molecular Pathology
  • Immunohistochemistry Methodology for Proteins and Nucleic Acid Products
  • Sequencing – Objectives and Application in Pathology
  • Flow Cytometry and Diagnosis
  • Theoretical Discussion and State of the Art of Molecular Pathology in Routine – WHO principles
  • Theoretical Discussion of Routine and Archive Cases
  • DNA and RNA extraction performance Theory
  • Sequencing interpretation


  • Integration in Pathology / Research Routine
  • Integration in Molecular Pathology Teams
  • Labs performance practice
  • Molecular Pathology Results Interpretation and Reporting