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Regular Seminars at iCBR every Wedenesday at the Auditorium 1 Subunit 1 Polo III.

Since June 2020 via Zoom.

Free attendance.

8 - Jan. 2020

Heart ischemia gives a second life to Cx43 - Novel roles ascribed to Cx43 that go beyond gap junction intercellular communication

Tânia Marques
14 - Jan. 2020
Phthalocyanines for Photodynamic TherapyTomás Torres
Universidade Autónoma de Madrid
22 - Jan. 2020
LARP1: a novel target of mTORC1 and gatekeeper of ribosome biogenesisBruno Fonseca
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute
12 - Feb. 2020
FCT Call for SR&TD Project Grants – Proposal PreparationHelena Mendes
19 - Feb. 2020
The DO’s and DON’Ts for this FCT callGGIFMUC
26 - Feb. 2020
 How to pitch like an entrepreneur: the power of communicationJorge Pimenta
17 . Jun. 2020

Exosomes derived from microglia exposed to elevated pressure amplify the neuroinflammatory response in retinal cells

Zoom meeting

Inês Aires
24. Jun. 2020

Molecular Signature and Functional characterization of tumour-infiltrating Macrophages in Hepatocelular and Cholangiocarcinoma patients – a step ahead in diagnosis and prognosis, leading to an advance in treatment

Zoom meeting

Ricardo Martins
1. Jul. 2020

Oral cancer: exploring the potential of liquid biopsies in diagnosis and follow-up

Zoom Meeting

Ivanna Martins
Laboratório de Citogenética e Genómica, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Coimbra, LCG-FMUC
15 Jul. 2020

The neurovascular-neurometabolic axis in aging and neurodegeneration: NO free radical communication

Zoom Meeting

João Laranjinha

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra

Center for  Neurosciences and Cell Biology

22 Jul. 2020

Bioactive natural products and functional foods: from drug discovery to drug development

Zoom Meeting

Célia Cabral
Faculty of Medicine, iCBR
16 Sept. 2020

 iCBR – Where we are! What is going on?

Zoom Meeting

Francisco Ambrósio
Faculty of Medicine, iCBR
23 Sept. 2020

Sirtuin 2 as a potential therapeutic target for obesity-related metabolic disorders

Zoom Meeting

Pedro Gomes
Faculty of Medicina, iCBR