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Flávio Reis


He holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences (2006) from the Faculty of Medicine - University of Coimbra (FMUC), in the area of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

He has authored 15 book chapters, about 120 articles in international journals (with more than 2200 citations and an index h of 23) and over 430 scientific communications; he edited 2 international books and won 49 prizes or grants of scientific works or research projects. He coordinated or participated in several research projects (many of them with competitive funding), for an overall amount of more than 0.7 M€. He supervised 10 PhD theses, 41 master theses and 3 Post-docs.

Flávio Reis is a regular reviewer on competitive assessment panels in international research agencies (UK, France, Italy and Chile) and guest reviewer of scientific papers submitted to prestigious international journals (up to 200 articles reviewed for more than 135 different journals) and is member of the Editorial Board of several international scientific journals.

He coordinates the Animal Facility of iCBR and held a variety of positions, including in the Senate of the UC, in the Governing Board of FMUC, in the Scientific Council of the interdisciplinary research institute of UC and in several Evaluation and/or Management Committees of FMUC and UC.

Scientific Interests:

His scientific interests lie mainly in the field of pharmacology and experimental therapy (including non-pharmacological measures, such as lifestyle changes: physical exercise and/or nutraceutical diets) related to cardiovascular, cardiometabolic (atherosclerosis/dyslipidemia, diabetes and its vascular complications, particularly cardiomyopathy and nephropathy, as well as obesity and aging) and cardiorenal diseases. In addition, he has also been involved in experimental and clinical studies related to cardiovascular risk biomarkers in different pathological conditions. As parallel areas of research, it has been involved in experimental studies related to pharmacological options for the treatment of bladder cancer and novel therapeutic targets for multiple sclerosis.

Selected publications:

Early cardiac changes in a rat model of prediabetes: brain natriuretic peptide overexpression seems to be the best marker. Nunes S, Soares E, Fernandes J, Viana S, Carvalho E, Pereira FC, Reis F. Cardiovasc Diabetol. 2013; 12:44.

Iron-hepcidin dysmetabolism, anemia and renal hypoxia, inflammation and fibrosis in the remnant kidney rat model. Garrido P, Ribeiro S, Fernandes J, Vala H, Bronze-da-Rocha E, Rocha-Pereira P, Belo L, Costa E, Santos-Silva A, Reis F. PLoS One. 2015; 10(4): e0124048.

Biomarkers of cardiometabolic risk, inflammation and disease (Book). Editors: Filipe Palavra, Flávio Reis, Daniela Marado, Armando Sena. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland (2015). ISBN: 978-3-319-16017-7 (Print) 978-3-319-16018-4 (Online).

Obesity and brain inflammation: a focus on multiple sclerosis. Palavra F, Almeida L, Ambrósio AF, Reis F. Obes Rev. 2016; 17(3): 211-24.

Solid lipid nanoparticles as oral delivery systems of phenolic compounds: Overcoming pharmacokinetic limitations for nutraceutical applications.  Nunes S, Madureira AR, Campos D, Sarmento B, Gomes AM, Pintado M, Reis F. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 2017; 57(9): 1863-1873.

Phone Number: 

+351 239 480 053

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