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Retinal Dysfunction & Neuroinflammation Lab

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PhD Members

Francisco Ambrósio, PhD, Group Leader

Catarina Gomes, PhD

Elisa Campos, PhD

Filipa Baptista, PhD

Henrique Alves, PhD

Maria Madeira, PhD

Paulo Santos, PhD

Raquel Santiago, PhD

Rosa Fernandes, PhD

Graduate team members and students:

Ana Bela Campos, PhD Student

António Campos, MD, PhD Student

Catarina Neves, PhD Student

Inês Aires, PhD Student

Raquel Boia, PhD Student

Rita Gaspar, PhD Student

Joana Martins, MSc

Lia Costa, MSc

Ana Sofia Ferreira, MSc Student

Inês Ventura, MSc Student

Joana Silva, MSc Student

Sofia Galvão, MSc Student