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Organizer: Miguel Castelo Branco

Date: 6 - 17 January 2020

The course schedule can be found here

Background and Goals:

This course on quantitative Methods on Fundamental, Pre-clinical, Translational and Clinical Research further consolidates the understanding how biostatistical methods can be used to infer population characteristics based on appropriate samples. The link with modelling and multivariate approaches is also used in this Course . 


Tests involving mean comparisons across two and multiple groups.

ANOVA, Simple, Multiple regression and partial correlations.

Relation between statistical testing and modeling.

Generalization of effects to the population level. The generalized linear model. Fixed effects and random effects.

Logistic regression

Causality models and causal reasoning.

Event analysis. Survival analysis.

Medical decision and ROC curves

Experimental studies for therapy evaluation.

Sample size calculations

Experimental design and randomization methods in pre-clinical and clinical


Metaanalysis and systematic reviews

Statistical modeling for the implementation of metaanalyses in the context of evidence based medicine. The use of fixed and random effects in metanalysis

Studies where observations are correlated.