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Medical Imaging Biomarkers in Translational Research

Organizer: Miguel de Sá e Sousa de Castelo Branco

Date: 3 - 7 February 2020

The course schedule can be found here

Learning Outcomes

This course provides essential knowledge on experimental design and analysis using medical imaging and the implementation issues in terms of mechanisms of disease and evidence based medicine for biomarker discovery.


Understanding at a conceptual level of statistical image analysis methods in terms of diagnostic classification performances and understandin gof mechanims of disease.

How to process imaging data (measurements)

Tools for Image reconstruction.

Novel methods to solve problems in medical imaging. Quantitative analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography,

Image formation, methods of analysis. Measures of qualitative performance in the context of clinical imaging. Algorithms fundamental to the construction of medical images via methods of computed tomography, magnetic resonance, PET and ultrasound. Methods for clinical data interpretation.

Fundamentals of modern medical functional imaging. Exploration of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), arterial spin labeling (ASL), and positron emission tomography (PET). Statistical and digital signal processing methods specific for functional image analysis. Validation of diagnostic imaging biomarkers and relation to the understanding of disease mechanisms.