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Organizer: Maria Manuela M. Grazina

Date: 23 - 27 March 2020

The course schedule can be found here

Background and Goals:

This course is directed to students aiming to understand the basic concepts and clinical applications of Pharmacogenomics.

The course will teach the basic principles of Biochemical Genetics underlying the variability in response to therapeutics, according to the genetic individual profile. Additionally, the most recent developments in pharmacogenomic approach to diseases and epigenetic effects of particular chemicals will be brought to discussion. The knowledge of the mechanisms involved in genetic and epigenetic modification, together with the identification of the genes codifying factors involved in drug response, is essential to understand the relevance of Pharmacogenomics in the development of new therapeutic agents and in the application of more rational therapies.

A “meet the expert” session is included to provide the students to interact with international expert scientists.

Paper club discussions are organized for achieving the most relevant and up-to-date findings in current literature and international guidelines.

Students are asked to suggest a guideline for the application of pharmacogenomic assays in the clinical practice, in an open discussion special session.



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