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Cardiovascular Sciences

Organizer: Lino Gonçalves e Henrique Girão

Date: 13 -17 April 2020     

The course schedule can be found here

Background and Goals

One of the objectives of this curricular unit is to provide students with the competences required to understand the importance of a transversal and multidisciplinary research process in the cardiovascular field, that integrates, in a coherent fashion, contents from basic research and translational/clinical research. With this it is intended that students have an integrated perspective of research in the cardiovascular field, from the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in regulating cardiac function, as well as those related to physiopathological changes associated with cardiovascular disease. In this context, this course is intended to be multidisciplinary, where the student can integrate and relate concepts and knowledge stemming from emerging areas of cardiovascular research, including molecular and cellular biology, physiology, physiopathology, diagnostics and treatment.