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Fundamental of Clinical Research

Organizer: José António Pereira da Silva

Date: 11 - 22 de november 2019

Background and Goals

The main objectives of this Course is to provide students with the coincepts and competencies needed to critically appraise, plan and execute clinical research projects. Attending to the specificities of clinical reasearch in the current national context, making locally initiated interventional clinocal trials highly unlikely, the course will focus in two main areas: 

1) systematic literature review and meta-analysis, and

 2) observational studies - methods and analysis.


Systematic Reviews. Fundamentals. The Cochrane Collaboration

PICO approach

Preparing the protocol of a systematic review

Searching the literature (I): PubMed

Searching the literature (II): Embase, and others

Bibliographic managers. Selection of Studies

Collection & synthesis: Data collection forms. Evidence tables

Meta-analysis. Principles.

Meta-analysis and meta-regression. Examples with Stata

How to write an article on a systematic review

Critical appraisal of systematic reviews

Fundamentals of observational research

Research question

Preparing the protocol of an observational study

Basic designs

Selection of subjects

Measures and variables in observational designs

Analysis plan

Analysis of case control studies

Analysis of longitudinal studies

How to write an article on an observational study

Critical appraisal of observational studies


Loreto Carmona; Estibaliz Loza, María Jesús García de Yébenes, Aurelio Tobías Miguel, Castelo Branco; Pedro Monteiro ; Lino Gonçalves ; Isabel Santana.